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Feb 11, 2013 5:00pm EST
done at. pope benedict xvi said it 16 years ago. if he does not have the strength to go on to perform his duties he should step down. something that no one has considered in modern times. >> the pope today has to conduct hundreds if not thousands of audiences, meetings, encounters every year. it takes a tremendous physical toll. >> pope benedict xvi has always been a low-key person. he will retire to spiritual life is not a monastery for the rest of his life while someone else will take his place. >> the archbishop called the man a -- the pope and a man of prayer. many were shocked and surprised by the announcement. barry simms is live in baltimore with reaction. >> he was with the pope's seven weeks and said after hearing the news, he decided to offer prayers for the church, the pope, and he also asked the faithful to the same. -- to do the same. >> many are finding it hard to believe that they respect his decision to step down. >> i applaud him for the decision. to make the decision you can no longer make -- do the job you're elected to do. >> maybe he is feeling sick or he
Feb 13, 2013 5:00pm EST
beginning of the ellenton season. for pope benedict xvi, is the beginning of the end of his papacy. his liturgy was his first public appearance since the shocking announcement he will retire and it marked his last major mass before he leaves the scenc. the venue was moved to the basilica to make room for people attending. the conclave to decide the successor will start as early as march 15. here at home a big day for archbishop william lori. he is holding to services today. this was the first at st. l follow -- st. alphonso's church. >> the family of [indiscernible] what the overnight blaze was hard to fight. the latest on this house fire that filled the skies of baltimore county with mode. >> something to think about. broken heart syndrome is a real thing. will take a look at some of the medical science behind it. >> why experts say treatment cannot be overlooked. the story newk@รณ t >> the rest of the family did get out. are these are trying to figure out what caused the fire. there were no injuries in the fire. >> capping the ambitious agenda laid out last night was his call for a h
Feb 26, 2013 5:00pm EST
, it fell from the sky. >> it was licensed and in working order. pope benedict the sixteenth will make his final address tomorrow and the vatican is revealing what life will look like for him. he will continue to wear white and brown shoes he received in mexico. he will be called his holiness. they have told cardinals to move of the conclave, but the meeting won't begin until next week. >> cars and trucks might be the next internet hotspots. >> you could get internet behind the wheel. >> hitting more than 200,000 views on line, but police say lil poopie is a lil yellow. >> the forecast, coming next. >> here is what is coming up at 6:00. misconceptions and misunderstandings regarding the gun control bill is about to be consuming the senate. and the countdown the sequestration continues, a look at how the cuts can impact education in maryland. education in maryland. >> he is wrapping in videos about machine guns and groupies, the problem is that he is only nine. child welfare officials are investigating his father. we have that story from boston. >> show this video and you get some inter
Feb 25, 2013 5:00pm EST
over pope benedict xvi's final days. >> volunteers are valuable to any organization, but many times they go unnoticed. how you can change that. >> for those hoping there'll be a new pulp in place by easter, sooner.ect a successor cente there is a cloud over benedictus final days. >> this morning the press room was packed with journalists from all over the world, all waiting for the big announcement. the vatican spokesperson confirmed that the pope has changed the canon law that set the rules for the election of the pope. it was meant to start between march 15 and 20, but now the cardinals will be allowed to change that and start the conclave as early as the first day of march. >> it is only determined once the cardinals began meeting, and we do not expect the meeting to take place before march 1. >> the spokesperson said that pope benedict xvi has accepted the offer of resignation by carl l. o'brien -- cardinal o'brien. he said he would not come to rome and participate in the conclave because he did not want the media attention on him and taken away from the election of the pope. ne
Feb 20, 2013 5:00pm EST
. -- worshippers services. as we cover the world tonight. what to do with a retired probe? pope benedict xvi will be known as the bishop emeritus of rome. he will receive $3,500 a month from the catholic church and is expected to live inside a renovated monastery in the vatican gardens. officials hope that will be before may. he will stay at a summer residence. addicted is expected to dedicate himself to meditation and prayer after he retires. >> day number two of the bond hearing for oscar. stories -- pistorius. -- the double amputee insists he was not wearing his legs and mistook his girlfriend for a burglar. and a heist pulled off by french thieves. two armed men stole tens of millions of diamonds from a to beers jewelry store tuesday. shoppers did not know the heist was happening. no word on whether the two are connected. >> a series of hacking attacks blamed on the chinese military. ward that those accusations were flawed. >> the latest on an effort to tackle cyber theft. >> revealing the surprising economic impact that maryland lawmakers >> here is what we'rwe're working on for six
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5